Sunday, 26 March 2017

I'm proud to present the Out of Harm Toolkit which was launched on Friday this week at Ardrossan Youth Centre. It was well attended and we received positive and encouraging feedback from the audience.

Once again the young people involved in the project were there and courageously shared their stories reminding all of us of the importance of this work.

I'm looking forward to presenting the project at the Storytelling for Health Conference in Wales in June and hope we can find funding to take the toolkit and the conversation guide into further development and provide more therapeutic workshops for young people.

My deepest gratitude goes to Rachel Jury the Director of Confab for having the vision and understanding to take on this project.

Monday, 9 January 2017

Out of Harm

Out of Harm
So this happened and now we're working on a Toolkit which we're launching in March this year. 
The group of young people we worked with gained a lot from the workshops and I feel proud of them. They shared their stories with great courage, not only with each other but at the public events as well. It was a privilege to be able to support them to do this. 
I'll post more about this soon.

“Thanks for everything you've done. It has been a wonderful pleasure, to have the chance of experiencing all of this with everyone. It has all opened my eyes - and my heart - and I can't thank you enough!” 

“It was satisfying and helpful to explore the issues I went through in a safe and welcoming place that the Out of Harm project provided.”

“I felt a sense of accomplishment.”


Michael Williams StoryCoach

Wendy Woolfson is a professional storyteller, workshop facilitator and the founder of Stories for Health, a non-profit organisation promoting storytelling as a healing art. I have had the pleasure of working closely with her for the past three years as both her colleague and coach.

Wendy is a superb organiser, having conducted numerous storytelling workshops in Glasgow and Edinburgh. She also organised the successful Stories for Health Symposium in 2010, attracting a large international audience and helping to establish storytelling as a healing art in Scotland. As a result of her work, Wendy as earned a well-deserved reputation for excellence throughout the UK and beyond.

It has been a privilege to have worked closely with Wendy in the development of her storytelling skills. During the past year, I have mentored and coached her as part of a small group of adult storytellers. She has not only shown herself to be a confident storyteller with a wide range of skills, but also a supportive colleague helping others to develop their talents. Wendy is an excellent communicator and deep listener whose storytelling and counseling skills serve her and others well. She is a tireless promoter of storytelling as a healing art and has worked with children, young people and adults in this capacity. Wendy is passionate about storytelling; being in her company is a breath of fresh air and fills you with inspiration. I can highly recommend her to you.

Lucy Trend Director at Thai Massage Training Scotland

Wendy is an inspiration to work with. She brought so much creativity to the workshop, and responded to the group dynamics with a skill that got everyone involved, engaged and the event was a great success for all.